retinal deattachment in premature baby

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retinal deattachment in premature baby

Postby nasirayub » Wed Dec 28, 2016 5:22 pm

respected dr.
i visit alshifa hospital several times but couldn't get clear guidance from eye specialist over there.i want to know at the treatment possibility of my premature daughter. she was born at 28 she is 6months old.she has retinal deattachment in right eye.pĺease guide me about the treatment. is it possible to fix the retina back to normal place through surgery or laser or cryotherapy. i m so worried because i have heard about the permanent vision loss due to delay in soon it should be done?
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Re: retinal deattachment in premature baby

Postby Drmehmood » Tue Jan 03, 2017 3:26 pm

Dear Mr. Nasir
I can understand your feelings and wish that your daughter could be successfully treated soon. In general, surgery of Retinal Detachment depends on the type of detachment, its cause, extent and duration. Apparently, in this case the cause seems to be the endstage retinopathy of prematurity. You should get an opinion from the vitreoretina department about the prospects of surgical intervention in your daughters case. This can only be done, when a vitreoretina specialist thoroughly examines the eye. I hope, this reply is useful to you and might have cleared some of the questions in your mind.
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